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Nut Slicing Machine's Operation Manual

Time:2017-03-22 By:wendy

There are operation manual of nut slicing machine/nut strip cutting machine.

1. Except the motor of the feeder is 220 V and single phase , the motor of rest parts are 380V, 50HZ and three-phase . Feeder power: 40w .Vibration feeding motor power: 0.37 kw .Cutting knife motor power: 0.75 kw. Vibration discharging motor power: 0.12kw

2. The sequence of starting the machine is discharging, cutting, charging and feeding.The shutdown sequence is opposite.

3.After starting up, please put the raw material into the feeding hopper, and adjust the speed controller of the feeding hopper( wring the button on the speed controller)

4. Put the processed-not-well raw material into the feeding hopper to do the second time processing.

5.In order to guarantee the shape of the peanut slice, peanuts must be made into half.  

6.Lubricating the bearing chain Periodically.

7.In order to avoid damage to the blade,it is strictly prohibited raw materials with iron, stones and other impurities.

8.After the end of day work,it is need to clean up the cutter and the feed wood.if not used within a long time,user need to brush the oil on the blade face to protect the machine.


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