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The Ways To Eat Passion Fruit ?

Time:2016-12-16 By:wendy

How to eat passion fruit? there are some ways to eat passion fruit .
⑴ Direct fresh: the Passion fruit cut open, with a spoon dug package directly eat (seed edible, rich in high-level protein, high fat).

passion fruit juice machine|passion fruit seed seperate machine⑵ making fruit juice: take a passion fruit, cut, with a spoon to scoop the flesh into the cup, add 200ml of water, add a little sugar to adjust the sweetness, stirring to get a cup of color, aroma and taste of nutritious fruit juice. If you stir with a few seconds, the effect is better. Summer with ice water, winter with warm water, add a few drops of honey, the flavor better.
⑶ shell in addition to extraction of pectin, pharmaceutical ingredients and processed feed, but also can be used for brewing or tea, and cooking dishes. Passion fruit contains a very rich natural vitamin C, each containing 100 grams of fruit juice contains 34.6 mg of vitamin C, but also rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, etc., also rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron and amino acids substance.

Practical value: The fruit has a variety of fruit aroma, fruity unique, often eat passion fruit, can appetite, is to eliminate fatigue, beauty beauty, prevent aging and hypertension and atherosclerosis health care fruit. Adults and children can eat, but labeled better juice, because too sour.


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