Crinkle Fries Cutting Machine|Crinkle Shape French Fries Cutting Machine

  • MOQ:1
  • Certification:CE
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • Country Of Origin:China
The cutting machine is used to cut potato into crinkle shape, in order to meet the demand of making crinkle french business. The cutting machine is not only cut into crinkle shape but also in to regular shape french fries. There are two knife will be free for you, you can make two shape french fries on one machine,which saving a lot money.

The cutting machine uses 0.9 thickness pure stainless steel. Use all-rubber conveyor belt to increase durability. This machine is simple and easy to operate, turn the hand wheel to adjust the slice thickness. The eccentric can be adjusted by twisting the fulcrum to achieve the most simplified effect after shredding. Copper motor, copper power cord, safe and reliable.

Connection tower part is equipped with thickened tile, good wear resistance. High standard tower round three grooves, the material foot, respectively, adjustable speed, medium and slow. Waterproof switch installed in Gongnong conveyor belt, easy to operate.

Crinkle french fries cutting machine test working video:
Technical Data

Model GG-660
Power 0.75kw,220V
Capacity 100-600kg/h
Dimension 902*462*742mm
Weigh 140 kg
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