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Automatic Fruit and Vegetable Sanitizing Machine

  • MOQ:1 Set
  • Certification:CE
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • Country Of Origin:China
One of the fruit and vegetable sanitizing machine is called ozone vegetable washing machine. Ozone washing fruits vegetables is mainly used for cleaning mushrooms, celery, spinach, cabbage and other stalks and leafy vegetables and fruits such as apples, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, strawberries and so on.
ozone cleaning vegetables and fruits

Ozone vegetable washing machine introduction:

  • Adopt fully automatic computer control.
  • Cleaning, sterilizing and detoxifying.
  • Drainage is done automatically.
  • Recycling of washing water can save 80% of water.
  • The product is made of stainless steel, strong and durable.
  • Equipment raw materials will not be damaged.
  • The cleaned object is more than three times cleaner than the manual cleaning method.

The working principle of ozone fruit and vegetable sanitizing machine:

First of all, the vegetables that need to be cleaned are put into the sink, under the action of high-pressure water flow and strong air bubbles, they are fully broken up, rolled, washed, and transferred. The sediment on the surface of the vegetables will fall off and settle to the bottom isolation bin, preventing the re-contamination caused by backflow. The debris and bugs washed down from the vegetables will float on the surface of the water and then be collected by the mesh. The water overflowing the sink is discharged from the water tank and enters the nylon bag. After the vegetables are washed by cleaning vegetables with ozone, they are sprayed and washed, and then sent out through the conveyor belt. There is a blowing device at the end of the conveyor belt, and the debris that has not been completely cleaned is blown off.
Technical Data
Ozone Fruit and Vegetable Sanitizing Machine  Power(KW) Size(MM) Weight(KG) Mesh width(MM)
GGXQ3000 2.2/0.75/1.5 3100*1400*1500 500 600
GGXQ4000 4/1.1/1.5 4100*1400*1500 700 800
GGXQ5000 5.5/1.5/2.2 5100*1400*1500 900 800
GGXQ6000 5.5/1.5/2.2 6100*1400*1500 1000 800
GGXQ7000 5.5/1.5/3 7100*1400*1500 1200 800
GGXQ8000 5.5/1.5/3 8100*1400*1500 1350 800

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