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Automatic Garlic Peeling Machine for Sale

Our automatic garlic peeling machine is the latest technology products,has the no noise,energy-saving,the exclusive research and development of a kind of high peeling efficiency, using little pot no noise peeling technology, make the garlic peeling speed,high efficiency, saving gas,reducing cost.The machine has applied for a national utility model and invention patents.

The garlic peeling machine consists of drying heating box and peeling barrel. The drying heating box has hot air circulation function. Garlic can keep dry. The whole process can be programmed and timed, which reduced the labor costs greatly.

This garlic peeling machine uese compressed air as power supply, which produce a strong whirling airflew to peel the skin of garlic natually.
Garlic Peeler consists of two parts: 
(1) Drying cylinder has the function of hot air circulation. The garlics can maintain dry even though in wet climate.
(2) The peeling part uses the airflew of air compressor as motivity, which saves electricity.
That machine is suitable for usage of market, food processing factory and other garlic industry.

automatic garlic peeling machine with best price made in china
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