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Frozen French Fries Equipment


Frozen French fries equipment consists of eight machines, namely: 1 :washing and peeling 2 :slices cut into strips 3:Cleaning blanching machine 4:Centrifuge machine 5:frying machine 6 centrifugal de-frying oil 7: seasoning 8 package. peeling machine cleaning brush, prolapse potatoes smooth, clean, high machine efficiency, large output. Slitter potato slices cut out strips uniform, smooth, thickness thickness adjustment by the customer, which greatly increases the flexibility of the machine. Blanching machine will cut potato chips, French fries cleaning, blanching, play a role in protecting color. Centrifuge machines use the principle of centrifugal water off potato chips, potatoes surface without damaging its internal components. The use of oil-water mixture frying machine principle, so that the fried food residue automatic water sink to the bottom, so that the working oil is always kept clean. Water temperature, oil temperature automatic control, blasted fries potato chips taste good, good color. Centrifugal de-oiling machine off potato chips, french fries surface oil by centrifugal principle, so that blasted potato chips, french fries are not greasy, crispy and delicious. Seasoning machine fried potato chips, french fries adding a variety of spices, made into different flavors of potato chips, french fries, to meet the needs of different consumers.
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