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Low Noise Dry Fruit Powder Making Machine

Our Dry Fruit Powder Making Machine is low noise,can be used to make dry fruit powder such as apple,lemon,strawberry and other fried fruit.

The electrical motor drives the main shaft to rotate at a high speed and spin off the material into the grinder, The material is ground between the moving plate and the fixed plate by striking, shearing and grinding, The ground material is carried by the air flow through the screen to the collecting bag. The size of the particle can be adjusted by changing the screen with different screen holes.

Our multifunction fruit powder making machine advantages as following :

A Low energy consumption, compared with traditional universal grinder, the machine is 30% energy saving.compact structure, small occupied area.
B No storage, no dead angle,easy to disinfect and convenient to change variety.Our machine is consistent with the GMP standard.
C Apply to wide particle size range,product particle size is in the 20-200 range of optional adjusting;various types,yield 15 ~500kg/h models optionally.
D Negative pressure manufacture, no dust pollution and good environmental quality.

dry fruit powder making machine with low noise
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