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What is The Usages Of Fruit Powder

Fruit pwder is over the world. Fruit powder is made from apple powder, citric acid, malic acid, white sugar powder, glucose powder, vitamin C, DHA powder, arachidonic acid powder and so on, according to a certain proportion, the pretreatment, mixing, tabletting, testing, packaging Of the food, with the promotion of digestion, prevention and treatment of diseases, increase immunity, anti-aging and other health care and therapeutic effect, intact to retain the vinegar powder, DHA powder, arachidonic acid powder in the active ingredients to better promote the body's metabolism, Reduce the role of cardiovascular disease.
According to taste classification: apple flavor, pineapple flavor, mango flavor, banana flavor, strawberry flavor, papaya taste, orange flavor, pear and so on.
According to raw materials classification: a single raw material of fruit powder, there are compound raw materials of fruit powder, such as apple fruit slices containing a small amount of pineapple powder, but showing the apple flavor.
Using fresh fruit raw materials, through the international advanced level of freeze-drying technology and equipment, the pretreatment, quick-freezing, vacuum drying, ultraviolet disinfection, packaging and storage more than 10 processes from processing.We provide you the fruit powder making machine with best price
Uses: porridge seasoning, flushing juice, fruit mask, making cakes and bread, moon cake fillings, children nutrition supplement food, disease flow food, do ice cream, jelly pudding.

what is the fruit powder
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