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Fruit Vegetable Washing Cleaning Machine

Fruit Vegetable washing cleaning machine is for a variety of fruits and vegetables.My company's fruit vegetable washing machine is divided into leaves, roots, fruits, grains, bags several different cleaning equipment, according to different products The corresponding cleaning equipment is different. Washing machine made of high quality 304 stainless steel, the material fully in line with food standards.
Our vegetable washing machine,pepper washing machine saving labor to improve efficiency, cost savings for the enterprise. According to the different products used by the conveyor belt is also different, the current is divided into two categories, a type of mesh plate mesh belt, a mesh wire mesh belt, the material is 304 stainless steel, fruit and vegetable washing machine machine design is reasonable , Frame structure, an independent liner cleaning transport, in the clean-up impurities, to no dead ends, clean, easy to clean up the effect of retention material, the biggest feature is to facilitate the separation of impurities, shape collision does not delay normal use, Will be distorted, pull partial failure occurs, to extend the service life of equipment.
fruit vegetable washing machine for sale In the treatment of precipitation impurities, the unique design of the filter tank, through the circulating water pump cycle, so that impurities into the filter box, three impurities left in the water tank, floating through the top of the overflow discharge, drifting through the arc Filter interception to ensure that the pool clean at the same time, the timely removal of impurities to ensure product cleaning effect.
Our vegetable washing machine pepper cleaning machine clean vegetable cleaning machine unique v-type design, so that the concentration of sediment at the end sink, easy to quickly discharge. Products through the forgotten belt conveyor outlet, equipped with secondary water cleaning, to ensure product cleanliness at the same time, more timely to the equipment tank body to add water to ensure that the equipment within the water cleanliness, to achieve the cleaning effect.
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