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Garlic Paste Making Machine

Garlic paste has a broad range of culinary applications. To eradicate the heavy operate of grinding garlic for paste in bulk, a garlic paste making machine is required. And we are capable to manufacture and supply premium high-quality garlic paste making machine for producing garlic paste/mud, with modern technology plus the good quality components utilized.

As the necessary equipment for vegetables and fruits deep processing, this garlic paste grinding machine is widely applied inside the production of chili sauce, tomato sauce, fruit sauce, and vegetable noodles, and so on.

garlic paste making machineone. Integrating the function of mincing, grinding, mashing.
two. Because the special machine for making mud and paste products, it truly is obtainable for a variety of vegetables and fruits, for example garlic, ginger, carrot, chili, apple, strawberry.
three. The fineness of completed solutions is adjustable as required.
four. The final item will not shed its organic properties as its flavor and nutrient value are remained.
five. Supplied in stainless steel, according with hygienic requirements and making sure a lengthy service life.
six. Simple to operate with higher efficiency and stable functioning situation.
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