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Garlic Root Cutting Machine For Poland Customer

Our the customer need the garlic root cutting machine. The customer form piland, their company are engaged in garlic process business.Thet need cut the garlic root,then get peeled garlic then pack them into bag. The poland customer have orderer garlic root cutting machine with 4 sets. We are look for more cooperation with the poland customers.

The garlic will be sent to the conveyor garlic blade, and the blade quickly and thoroughly excised roots. There is a blade adjuster on the machine. Before cutting, the blade adjuster is adjusted according to the cutting requirements. The garlic cutting machine can automatically control the cutting depth in the next process.
The characteristics of garlic root cutting machine
1. clean and tidy cutting, fast cutting speed, good effect.
2. this machine is small in size, light in weight, easy to operate, energy saving and efficient, and can reduce 4000-6000 garlic per hour.
3. the garlic is manually loaded into the top of the garlic chuck part of the equipment and the garlic bolts are clamped on the right side of the auxiliary part.

For the garlic process business, we also have garlic separator machine,garlic peeling machine,garlic packing machine and others.Contact me freely if you have any problem you have any problem.Email:wendy@machinehall.com

garlic root cutting machine for poland customer
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