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How Do You Take The Pits Out of Dates?

Date is very popularity in many countries such as U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Tunisia, Algeria and others.How do you take the pits out of dates commerical ? The automatic date pitting machine will be your great helper for the commercial date process business.

We are date pitting machine manufacturer in china,provide you the automatic date pitting machine and semi-automatic date pitting machine.

This is our automatic date pitting machine working video:

The inner rotating tooth disc roller and the rubber roller remove the fruit core, get the massive flesh, the mechanical property better go to the nuclear machine, and remove the fruit core without destroying the fruit shape.The date pitting machine is easy and safe operation with high speed and high efficiency.Dates to a variety of machine specifications can also be customized according to customer requirements Price: Price Negotiable. Separator is designed for the phase of nuclear work designed to date, to the nuclear rate of 99%, the residual rate of less than or equal to 2%. Machine and phase contact parts are made of stainless steel.
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