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Tell You How to Buy a Good Multi-functional Vegetable Cutting Machine

Modern society,for there are so many vegetable cutting machine,there is a bit of difficult  distinguish the quality of the vegetable cutting machine.As a vegetable machine professional manufacturers, we feel it is necessary to tell you how to distinguish, choose a good multifunction vegetable multifunction vegetable cutting machine machine products.

Have the following precautions:
1, look at the plate, a good multifunction vegetable cutting machine, must be made of 304 stainless steel panel.There are many articles on the Internet we can go to research, focus is to see the gloss and toughness.304 vegetable cutting machine gloss The degree is not very high, a little gray hair dark feeling.Toughness is very strong, very hard, there is one thing that can be identified is to use the finger to play the layout. If the vegetable cutting machine is made of 304, Will hear the sound of Dangdang, rather than 304 stainless steel, then the general is the sound of pound.In addition, there is a way to distinguish, prepare a little edible oil, pour in the panel, 304 stainless steel, then no drag Hanging. Remember, only with 304 multifunction vegetable cutting machine, is a good vegetable machine!
2, listen to the motor to turn the sound, vegetable machine at the time of purchase, the business will generally turn on the power test, this time, you can pay attention to the ears to listen to the sound of the motor is crisp, if not crisp, Most likely, the rotor is poorly lubricated.
3, look at the conveyor belt, a good vegetable machine, the conveyor belt must be made of non-toxic materials made of PTE, otherwise the above will send the food caused by repeated pollution and even some poor quality business use of inferior materials to do vegetable conveyor belt Will lead to food poisoning, so be sure to be careful, and distinguish the method is also very simple, is a word: smell! There is no smell, in general, there is no smell of basic will not have any problems, and smell must not buy, maybe businessmen tell you all the vegetable conveyor belt has a taste, but please believe that he is in Lie to you! Good material is not possible to taste.
After the above points, the general you will be able to choose a good multifunction vegetable cutting machine! if you have more questions or you need the multifunction vegetable cutting machine, you can make leave message on website or email us.
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