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How to Make Sunflower Butter ?

sunflower seed butter making machineHow to make sunflower butter ? Sunflower butter is definitely the most well-liked sauce in America. Iron and vitamin E content material of sunflower butter is three instances greater than the peanut butter as well as the calcium content can also be larger than peanut butter. Hot sauce made of sunflower butter is moderate in the proportion of fragrance, pungency degree and salinity, appropriate for the northern taste.Our peanut butter making machine do the sunflower seeds in to butter.

Roasted the sesame and sunflower kernels soon after shelling inside a huge pot and stir regularly, and after that use the peanut butter machine to grind them into butter and pour in to the jar. Then, mix them with hot bean sauce as well as other materials in accordance with the formula.Hot sunflower sauce: 50% of hot bean sauce, 25% of sunflower butter, 18% of second level soy sauce, 2% of sugar, 0.1% of black pepper powder, ideal quantity of onion juice and gourmet powder, 5% of cooked peanut oil, 0.1% of sodium benzoate.

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