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Industrial Juicer Machine For Sale Manufacturer

Our the type industrial fruit  juice machine can process whole fruit such as apple,pineapp,orange ect,dont need to cut fruit into piece.That is great helper.The fruit juice machine is suitable for all kinds of fruits, such as tomato, pineapple, apple, orange, etc. It has the following characteristics:
(1).screw advances and squeezes;
(2) Partial improvement of waste residues, suitable for the suppression of high fiber materials such as leafy vegetables;
(3) Automatically complete the processing of fruits and vegetables.

The main structural principle of the fruit juicer machine:
The main components are nuclear pulp, fruit juice, leather into the spiral juice machine through the pipe, screw, screw diameter at the bottom of the slag is expected to gradually increase the direction of the export, the asphalt gradually reduced, when the material is screwed spiral cavity volume reduction, the formation of the material smash.
The direction of rotation of the screw from the hopper to the direction of the slag groove is clockwise.
The raw material is added to the feed hopper and propelled under the helical compression. The juice passes through a gravy at the bottom of the filter, and waste and a part of the conical buffer groove form an annular gap discharge between the screws. The axial movement of the modulating head can be Adjust the gap size.
The slag trough of the equipment used clockwise (to the feed hopper, depending on the position of the rotating handwheel, adjusting the head to the left, the gap is decreasing, otherwise, the gap becomes larger).
Changing the gap in size, changing the resistance slagging, can change the slag rate, but if the gap is too small, the strong pressure, with the juice granules, filters out part of the juice, although the juice increases, but the quality of the juice decreases, the size of the gap should be According to the user's specific technical requirements. Achieve the goal of separating juices and automatically adjusting.

industrial fruit jucie machine for sale manufacturer
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