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Machine for Processing Dried Herbs

With the development of society, traditional Chinese medicine plays an increasingly important role in people's daily life. At the same time, the demand for traditional medicine is also increasing. Most medicinal materials are the roots of plants, so the soil and sundries at the roots of the excavated medicinal materials need to be thoroughly cleaned before they can be removed. Dried herbs are the most popular ones in the market. The dried herbs are easier to preserve and use.
The rapid expansion of the market will inevitably lead to higher requirements for production efficiency. The mechanization level of herbal medicine processing plays an important role in improving production efficiency. The use of traditional medicine is becoming more and more popular. In order to improve the competitiveness of traditional medicine, the traditional way of making traditional medicine must be improved to mechanized production. In the production of traditional medicine, many raw materials of traditional medicine need to be cut into pieces for subsequent processing.
dried herb processing

Herbal Medicine Processing Plant Steps:

Herbal processing steps generally include cleaning, air-drying, slicing, drying and other processes. Most of the cleaning methods currently used are manual cleaning. Manual cleaning takes a long time, and the labor cost is relatively high, resulting in a relatively high cleaning cost of herbal medicine and increasing the processing cost of herbal medicine. Most of the production and processing conditions of herbal medicines are poor, and some production and processing are generally carried out by artificially assisted stand-alone machines. The production efficiency is low and the labor required is large, which seriously affects the processing and mass production of herbal medicines.

Machine For Processing Dried Herbs

1. Herbal Cleaning Equipment

According to the varieties of herbal medicines, the herbal medicines of leaves can use the bubble cleaning machine; the herbal medicines of rhizomes can use the brush cleaning machine; the finely divided herbal medicines can use the eddy current cleaning machine.

2.Herb Cutting Machine

Usually, the herbal medicines we see are generally segmented or sliced, and it is necessary to use cutting equipment to evenly slice, shorten the drying time, and ensure the processing quality of herbal medicines.

3. Air Drying Equipment

The air-drying equipment is mainly to dry the moisture on the surface of the herbal medicine after cutting.

4. Herbal Medicine Drying Machine

Large-scale drying of herbal medicines usually uses a mesh belt continuous dryer. The continuous dryer is an energy-saving drying equipment that integrates dehumidification, heating and dehumidification. The drying equipment is equipped with multiple heat recovery devices, which effectively improves the utilization rate of heat energy and greatly saves operating costs. Heat pump drying is close to natural drying. After drying, the color and shape of herbal medicine are well preserved, and the rehydration is good, which is suitable for long-term storage. Now it has become an ideal equipment for dried herb processing plant.
different herb drying machine type

5. Herb Packaging Machine

The dried herbal medicines are packaged in time after cooling to facilitate transportation, storage and sales. Packaging methods such as bags and bottles are available.
The automatic herbal medicine production line with herb washing, cutting and drying developed by our company. It reasonably connected, which can be operated continuously, which greatly improves the production efficiency, reduces labor costs, ensures the quality of herbal medicine processing, and avoids artificial secondary pollution.
If you want to know more about the herbal medicine drying production line, please call us. Our company will provide you with customized herbal medicine drying and processing solutions according to your processing needs.
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