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Principle and maintenance of fruit and vegetable washing machine

Fruit and vegetable washing machine is one of the main products of our company, Let me introduce the work principle and maintenance methods of fruit and vegetable cleaning machine to you.
Fruit and vegetable cleaning machine in the work is to supply power to the ozone generator, the ozone generator generates ozone, and the ozone pump is communicated to the washing barrel of the washing machine through the ozone tube, The formation of ozone water dissolved in water, ozone water has strong sterilization, disinfection and degradation of pesticide effect.
fruit vegetable washing machine
Fruit and vegetable cleaning machine work without detergent, no pollution to the environment, safety and good antibacterial effect can remove pesticide residues in about 90%, far higher than the national requirements, more than ordinary household cleaning effect, no damage, convenient to use, has special good effect on the protection of hands.
Fruit and vegetable cleaning machine maintenance:
The first is to adjust the chain: the adjustment is carried out in the motor stop after the pressure in the middle of the two fingers to the chain sprocket, the amount of compression is generally between 4 to 9 mm is the standard value, once more than the standard time, adjusting idler wheel to be prescribed tightness.
Second is the replacement for the variable speed: The first of Variable speed gear box inspection and replacement of oil gas is to stop the motor, the case is strictly prohibited under the circumstances of the demolition of the oil spill plug.
Third is that we do not use for a long time to save: When we are going to save for a long time without using it, we can clean the parts of the soil and other objects, each rotary part and a belt and a chain of attachment of the debris are completely clear and the rotary part and the friction driving part, sufficient to prevent rusting of the oil.
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