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Milk Seterilization Market

With the gradual increase in people's health awareness, a variety of dairy products with its rich nutrition and relatively low prices to become the most mainstream health products industry. Currently on the market dazzling dairy products can be divided into three categories: one is pure milk, is through high-temperature instantaneous sterilization for treatment, this milk is stored for a long time, suitable for circulation in the market, the disadvantage is sterilization at the same time milk Some of the nutrition is also subject to certain damage; the other is fresh milk, also known as pasteurized milk, is through the pasteurization method for treatment, this sterilization method to maximize the retention of milk protein, calcium and All kinds of trace elements, that is to kill harmful bacteria (such as E. coli) does not destroy the milk nutrition and flavor of the bactericidal method, so pasteurized milk is currently the most popular consumer dairy products, but the custody of pasteurized milk Short, can not be a long time in the market circulation; the last one is yogurt, is fresh milk (pasteurized milk) by adding a variety of beneficial bacteria, after fermentation of dairy products, yogurt advantage is to retain the fresh milk all Nutrition, but also according to the addition of beneficial bacteria to achieve different health effects, such as beauty, promote intestinal digestion.
The best-selling dairy products have contributed to the development of the dairy industry, where the most popular pasteurized milk is in short supply. We Gelgoog company provide you the different sterilization line and solution to meet the different production and demand for different processes.
Dairy production line main products include: pure milk (room temperature milk), pasteurized milk (milk), recovery milk, dairy deployment of drinks, milk powder, cheese (milk tofu), solidified yogurt, stirring yogurt, lactic acid bacteria drinks.

milk sterilization line
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