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Automatic Onion Peeling Machine Manufacturer China


Customer-made onion peeling machine manufacturer:

We are onion peeling machine manufacturer in China. We provide all the customer automatic onion peeling machine with factory price. Different onion process machine also be provide by us. You can get the onion process machine in our factory. You can us tell how do you want process and how many kilogram you want process per hour. Then our customer manager can provide you suitable solution according customer detail demands. Every solution we do is made according customer personal request.

automatic onion peeling machine manufacturer in China

Automatic onion peeling machine suitable All size onion:

There are different shapes of onions on the market. Some are oval, some are flat, some are very small, some are very small, and some are very large. Our automatic onion peeling machine can process all them, no matter onion big or small. Any onions can be perfectly peeled on a onion peeling machine and the onion skin peeler machine is almost not on the market. And now the market is more popular. Most of them are first cut and then peeled, so that the peeled green onion can easily be blown into the onion section by dirty air, resulting in pollution of garden onion. Moreover, the amount of onion epidermis removal is sometimes large and sometimes small. In view of this situation, our company researchers have developed a unique universal commercial onion peeling machine, which can which decrease the cost of customers.

Onion peeling machine in China save your money:

1, the onion peeling machine China uses knife free leather, and the peeled onion is smooth and free from damage.
2, the automatic onion peeling machine has a "cortical controller", and the onion peeling quantity can be freely controlled and cost saved.
3, the onion skin peeler machine can peel all kinds of onion, such as oval, flat, small onion and large green onion.
4, the onion peeler machine has a large peeling power and can be stripped clean regardless of the skin and skin of the onion.
5, the commercial onion peeler has a high output, specially designed peeling and peeling methods, so that the series of onion peeling machine has a very high yield, which can reach 1000KG-5000KG per hour. This is incomparable to any other peeling machine.
6, the energy saving design of the automatic onion peeling machine, the power of the motor and the power of the matching air compressor are all smaller than other brand peeling machines, and belong to the energy saving and environmental protection equipment.
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