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How to Slove Brush Roller Slip of Carrots Washing Machine

Carrot Vegetable Washing Machine Brush Roller Slip and Slip Cause Analysis:
Carrots Vegetable Washing Machine Cracks Idle This problem is mainly caused by the quality of the brushing machine. Some vegetable cleaning machine small manufacturers cut corners, cost savings, brush roller is basically a casing, casing material is poor, casing and brush roller shaft link with only a few rivets fixed, the use of a long time, aluminum rivets off , Casing wear, in the brush roller on the skid, there is the phenomenon of brush roll idling. So I remind the majority of potatoes carrots rhizome vegetable cleaning machine to buy users, do not pay attention to the purchase price of the product, to pay more attention to the material of vegetable washing machine.

Carrot Vegetable Washing Machine Brush Roller Slip Idle Solution:
In the purchase of carrots vegetable cleaning machine, in addition to the product must be 304 quality stainless steel, but also choose a durable vegetable washing machine brush roller, after all, often used to the largest output brush or roll, good brush roller are Is a CNC hair plant hair, using DuPont brush wire. To not slip, there is the use of one injection molding brush roller, plastic injection is directly on the shaft, which will not slip, but this brush is a one-time brush, and want to change the hair when It is not easy, casing can only change casing.
The only way to really fundamentally solve the carrot rhizome vegetable cleaning machine brush roll slip, the above is my company based on user feedback problems and solutions. Hope that the majority of users can solve the problem of the use of vegetable cleaning machine in the process.

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