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There Are Some Tips of Brush Type Washing and Peeling Machine

The Potato cleaning and peeling machine is specially designed to clean and peel the round and oval-shaped root vegetables, like the potatoes, carrots, cassavas and others. It is engineered adopting the brush friction principle and absorbing the advanced technology of root vegetables washing and peeling at home and abroad. The mainly consistence are driven motor, 8-15 brush rollers and speed changer. The driven motors propel the spiral rollers rotation to clean and peel the potatoes automatically. And we offer emery potato washing and peeling machine, too.
1. Stainless steel material guarantees a longer service life, sanitary and clean state.
2. It can achieve continues and uninterrupted washing and peeling .
3. Easy to operate and convenient to maintain.
4. Larger capacity, lower energy and water consumption
5. High washing and peeling rate and low breakage rate.
6. Keeping integrality and smoothness of potatoes.
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