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The Difference Between South Tofu And North Tofu ?

Tofu is divided into south tofu and north tofu in china. So, what is the south tofu? What is the north south? What is the difference between them on the flavor?
delicious tofu
South tofu, also known as plaster tofu, forming agent it uses liquid plaster, relatively soft and tender texture and delicate. North Tofu, also known as brine tofu, as the name suggests it's forming agent is brine, South tofu texture compared to some of solid, cut is not as smooth tofu south. With abundant food market, and now a lot of new options tofu. The trick is to pick tofu, high-quality tofu section relatively tidy, no impurities, tofu itself flexible; inferior tofu is not the case, cut irregular and sometimes embedded with impurities, easily broken, sticky surface.
North tofu or bean curd, said the North, also known as Lao Doufu, hard tofu. Refers to brine as coagulant made from tofu, which is characterized by hardness, elasticity, toughness stronger than the southern tofu, tofu lower water content than the south, generally between 80% to 85%, compared with South tofu fragrant taste.
The difference between South and North tofu tofu
From the exterior view:
South tofu color white, very tender. The North tofu is relatively yellow, relatively old.
From the production point of view:
South tofu plaster is used as a coagulant, and North tofu with brine as coagulant.
We usually go to the supermarket to buy a box of a box of tofu, tofu is the South, more moisture, but also more tender, is not suitable for cooking, but can be used to make soup. Restaurant in the green onion tofu, South tofu are also used. .
The supermarket is now doing the kind of a piece of tofu, basically North tofu, looks older, it can be used for cooking.

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