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What Is The Machine Function Of Potato Chips Processing Line

Potato washing & peeling machine: used to clean and peel the skin of potatoes, energy conserving and high efficiency.
Potato cutting machine: slice the potatoes into slices and bar shape, the thickness can be adjusted according to your preference.
Chips blanching machine: this is used for washing the potato chips, making them look more attractive.
De-watering machine: with centrifugal force, saving the time of frying and make the chips more delicious.
Chips Frying machine: adopt water & oil mixture frying machine, after the operation is finished, you just need to release the water, at the same time the residue will flow outside together with the water, greatly increasing the oil's using recycle.
De-oiling machine: reduce the oil content of potato chips, make preparation for flavoring.
Flavoring machine: adopt spray method, seasoning the potato chips evenly, and the potato chips are not easy to break.
Potato chips packing machine: inflate the nitrogen into bags while package potato chips. Could finish inflation, packaging and printing one time
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