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We are automatic garlic peeling machine manufacturer in China. For the garlic process machine any problem you can contact freely, no matte the garlic peeling machine principle, design, working video, PDF or the quotation price, our salesman can solve all your problems.
 automatic garlic peeling machine manufacture in China
Garlic peeling machine working principle
The dry garlic peeling machine is powered by compressed air. After a multi-point jet of air jets, a powerful cyclonic vortex produces a natural peeling of garlic, and the electrical, gas control enables the garlic to be guided, stripped, and discharged automatically.
Design of garlic peeling machine:
The garlic peeling machine adopts a specially designed peeling principle. During the peeling process, the garlic flaps are completely free of the blade and hardness rubbing effect, so it can ensure that the garlic is not damaged, the surface is smooth, and there is no pollution.
These countries we garlic peeling machine manufacturer have sold to :
As the garlic peeling machine manufacturer, we have sold our garlic peeler machine to many countries such as India,USA,South Africa,Korean,Australia,Turkey, UK, MUMBAI,Coimbatore, Bangladesh,Pakistan, Philippines and son on.
Automatic garlic peeling machine we provide advantages:
The peeler machine can process different size garlic. Dont need to sorting garlic.
The whole step with dry. Dont waste water.
High efficiency, high peeling rate.
Easy for maintenance and cleaning Purpose.
Also can be used with garlic processing line.
There is no damage for garlic.
Prolong the shelf life of garlic.
The price of garlic peeling machine is reasonable and peeling automation has always been operated, and practical, power saving, small size, high efficiency of garlic peeling machine, easy maintenance and cleaning, and low failure rate. Automatic garlic peeling machine is easy to operate, providing you with more convenience.
Garlic peeling machine video :

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