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We are garlic process machine manufacturer. For garlic powder process, we have garlic clove separating machine, garlic peeling machine, garlic slice cutting machine, garlic dehydration machine,garlic powder making machine, garlic powder packing machine. We can provide you suitable solution to meet your demands.
garlic powder processing machine

Garlic Clove Separating Machine: 

Garlic bulb breaker machine can process different size garlic bulb,because the space between rollers can be adjusted. It is employing soft rollers which are made of pure rubber, high-performance gear motor, and chain-wheel drive system to realize a speed-difference rubbing to separate garlic cloves. The garlic separate machine with more than 90% separating rate. It is great for garlic process business. 
garlic bulb breaker machine price

Garlic Peeling Machine:

The principle of the garlic peeling machine adopts advanced air compression technology to naturally peel off, which can guarantee the quality of garlic cloves and the highest peeling rate of garlic. Since it does not collide and squeeze through the machine, it does not make damage to the garlic. Garlic is harmless and can be stored for a long time. The garlic peeling machine can peel different sizes of garlic. 
low price garlic peeling machine

Garlic Slice Cutting Machine:

Our garlic slicer machine is designed on the basis of advanced technology and is easy to operate. The sliced garlic are uniform in thickness and smooth in surface. We export garlic cutting machine to many countries at very competitive prices. In addition, it can work continuously, with fast cutting speed and high efficiency. The whole garlic cutting machine is made of high quality stainless steel, which is easy to clean and beautiful in appearance, and meets international food hygiene standards.
garlic slicer machine

Garlic Dehydration Machine:

The garlic dehydration machine adopts a new energy-saving and environmentally-friendly heating technology, so it pays more attention to energy saving and safety. When absorbed by the heated material, garlic dehydration machine can become heating energy, which can shorten the production cycle and improve the production quality.
Feature of the garlic dehydration machine :
1. Automatic temperature control system
2: Most of the hot air circulates in the oven, which is highly efficient and energy efficient.
3. Use enhanced ventilation and an adjustable air separation plate. Allow the material to dry evenly.
garlic dryer dehydration machine

Garlic Powder Making Machine:

As garlic powder making machine manufacturer, our machine is a new generation of powder grinding machine that collects, vacuums and continuously discharges. The dry garlic powder machine works by the relative movement of the rotating disk and the fixed groove plate to grind the dried garlic slice. The garlic powder is sent to the cyclone by rotary centrifugation and the gravity of the blower, and is discharged through the discharger. Dust is sent to the dust box and recovered through the filter, and the fineness can be adjusted by changing the sieve.
garlic powder machine price

Garlic Powder Packing Machine:

The garlic powder packaging machine is fed through a material stretching feeder. The plastic film is formed into a cylindrical shape through the film cylinder. The sides are sealed by a longitudinal heat seal and the garlic powder is then poured into the bag. The horizontal sealing device cuts the length and position of the package according to the color-coded photodetecting device.
Features of vertical garlic powder packaging machine:
1) Advanced touch screen control for easier operation.
2) Product packaging and date printing are completed once, saving time.
3) The horizontal and vertical sealing temperatures are independently controlled and can be better adapted to a variety of packaging materials.

If you need any machine to process your garlic,contact us for garlic machine cost. 
Technical Data
Garlic Powder Process Production Line
Garlic Separating Machine Power:6.6kw
Dimension: 4000*1200*1400mm
Elevator Power:0.75kw
Dimension: 1800*800*1600mm
Garlic Peeling Machine Power:4.37kw
Dimension: 3100*900*1500mm
Garlic Picking Belt Power:0.75kw
Dimension: 3000*800*900mm
Garlic Washing Machine Power:3kw/380v
Voltage: 380V50Hz3PH
Dimension: 4000*1000*1300mm
Ginger Slicing Machine Power;1.1kw
Dimension: 690*560*880mm
Garlic Slice Drying Machine Power:300kw
Dimension: 10000*2200*2000mm
Elevator Power:0.75kw
Dimension: 2000*1200*1400mm
Garlic Powder Making Machine Power:11kw
Dimension: 7000*1000*2400mm
Garlic Power Packing Machine Power:4kw
Dimension: 700*900*2100mm

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