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Mango is popular in life, but it is difficult to keep them fresh and transported long distances. We can usually make dried mango, mango pulp and so on. The following describes the production process of dried mango.
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Dried mango processing machine flow chart:
1. Fresh mango selection: We choose fresh ripe fresh mango. This mango has good color and is suitable for processing. The first is to increase the yield of meat with thick meat. The maturity is preferably 8-9. If the maturity is too low, the color and flavor of mango are poor, and if it is too ripe, it will rot.
2. Cleaning: Pour the mango into our bubble cleaner and air-dry to remove the surface moisture. Mangoes are manually picked to further reject substandard fruits.
3. Peeling and slicing: remove the mango skin and require smooth surface trimming. Remove the clean mango skin, because if it is not cut, it will easily produce browning during processing, affecting the color of the finished product. The peeled mango is sliced ​​to a thickness of about 8-10 mm. The kernels of the remaining pulp can be sent for beating.
4. Color-protection treatment: Color-protection treatment using sulphur fumigation or soaking method.
5. Drying mango: Put the color-protected raw materials on the drying rack evenly and put them in the oven to dry.
6. Packaging: When the dried mango reaches the moisture content required for drying (usually about 15% to 18%), the dried mango can be packaged.

Mango drying machine advantages :
1. It can effectively guarantee the physical and chemical characteristics of mango and the quality of dried mango.
2. The temperature distribution during the drying process is uniform, and the humidity can be automatically controlled.
3. Safe and reliable, there is no danger of harm to people during the drying process.
4. Low energy consumption during drying, which effectively reduces operating costs.
5, Strong versatility, while reducing investment costs, improve equipment utilization and effective utilization.
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