Moringa Leaf Powder Processing Machine Moringa Powder Manufacturing Process

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For moringa leaf powder processing machine, we provide moringa leaf washing machine, Moringa leaf air-drying equipment, moringa leaf drying equipment, moringa leaf powder machine, moringa leaf powder packaging machine, etc.
moringa processing plant

Moringa powder manufacturing process:

Main flow chart:Moringa leaf washing machine——Moringa leaf dewatering machine-air drying cooling machine——moringa leaf drying machine——Moringa Powder Grinding Machine——Moringa powder lifting machine——Moringa Powder filling machine

Introduction of main equipment for processing moringa leaf powder:

Moringa leaf washing machine:

Moringa leaf washing machine can clean the harvested moringa leaves. Moringa leaf washing machine has some basic characteristics of fruit and vegetable cleaning machine: high efficiency, resource saving, good cleaning effect of finished products, convenient cleaning, etc., according to the actual needs of users, on the basis of the pepper cleaning machine, according to moringa leaf cleaning equipment developed based on the characteristics of its size and shape. The moringa leaf washing machine has a wider sink, a higher conveyor belt baffle, and a discharging dial at the discharge port (according to the actual needs of customers, some customers choose not to install a discharging dial), and the mesh belt can be made of PP , Air bubbles and water pump through the valve to adjust the intensity, adjust the cleaning effect.

Moringa leaf drying equipment:

Moringa leaf drying equipment is used to dehydrate Moringa oleifera leaves to obtain dried Moringa oleifera leaves. Moringa leaf drying equipment adopts hot air circulation for drying. Moringa leaf drying equipment can achieve the detection and comparison of temperature and humidity during the entire drying process with the target temperature and humidity, and also realize the automatic start of the dehumidification system to achieve stable control of the temperature and humidity of the oven.
We can provide customers with Moringa leaf drying equipment with different output sizes.

Powdering moringa leaves machine:

Powdering moringa leaves machine is to grind the dried Moringa leaves into powder. The staff put the dried Moringa leaves into the cavity of the Moringa leaf grinding equipment and rotates at a high speed through the impeller. After the combined effects of repeated impact and friction between the material and the blade, the toothed disc, and the material and the material, the crushing effect is achieved.

Moringa leaf powder packaging:

We provide different Moringa powder packaging machine according to customers' requirements. You can send us the style of the packed moringa powder you want to pack. After get your specific needs, we can provide you with suitable moringa powder packaging equipment.
Contact us now to get your moringa leaf processing equipment information.
Technical Data
Name Parameter
1.washing machine Introduction:
The rack using high-quality SUS304 stainless steel production, in line with the national food industry use standards, and that machine use of bubble tumbling, scrubbing, spray technology, to maximize the cleaning of the object.
Width of the belt:600mm
2.Dewatering machine Functions:
Remove unqualified short strips from French fries
Reference size: 1800*1230*1020MM
Power: 0.25*2KW
Weight: 200kg
Aperture: customized
Material: 304
3.Air drying cooling machine Introduction:
This machine uses a flip conveyor belt, so that the material double-sided moisture is evenly blown off, can be used for a variety of fruits and vegetables after cleaning air-drying
4.Moringa dryer machine
Drying cart:8
Trays:192 pieces
Heating power:60kw
Capacity:286kg per time
Circulating fan: 4 pieces
5,Moringa Powder Grinding Machine  Power:5.5kw
Voltage:380V/50HZ/Three phase
6.powder lifting machine Voltage:380V/50HZ
Volume:118 L
Capacity:3 m³/h
Hopper size:880*850*810mm
Feeding height:
1600mm (can
be customized)
Overall weight:80kg
With cover to avoid the ginger
powder fly into the air.
7.Powder filling machine
Voltage:220V/50HZ/Single phase
Weighing range :1-5000g
Filling accuracy:1%
(different materials vary)
Filling speed:30-45 bags / min
Machine size:
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