Cherry Core Removing Machine

  • Support Customization: Yes
  • Brand: Gelgoog
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • Country Of Origin:China
  • Payment: T/T, L/C, Trade Assurance, Western Union
The Cherry Core Removing Machine used for many fruits core removing,such as cherry,prunus humilis bunge,blackberry,date,picual and so on.
The feature of the cherry,prunus humilis bunge,blackberry,date are:fruit core is hard,the hardness between the core and pulp has a big difference.the conglutination is common between core and pulp.
Core removing difficulties of the cherry,prunus humilis bunge,blackberry,date are:the old core removing machine all are traditional pitting ways,it can not reach a high efficiency function of core removing.needles of the machine can not position to the fruit core,and the needles easy to break off.
This machine can take advantage of the circular shapes features of cherry,prunus humilis bunge,blackberry,date.the machine’s loading and conveying equipments can cater to these fruits features..and can reach the high efficiency functions of “one cherry,one hole.
The load rate of the fruit promotion and core removing rate promotion is inevitable.from the process of the core removing by needles of the machine,it has set the centering device,and can solve the precise position of the fruit.and can reach a precise core removing finished.

1.This pitting machine is an automatic to depit fruit nuclear machine.
2.It is made of the stainless steel.for the food contact place made by high quality stainless steel. 
3.The machine use frequency conversion technology,so that the machine is truly a
continuously variable function.
4.The gap between the two rollers is designed according to the feature and dimension of different fruits;The fruits fall down to the rollers from the former procedure and then are pressed to the gap by a plate which moves up and down; 
5.The two rollers rolls in opposite direction and most of the flesh is pressed to the gap of the teeth on the roller meanwhile the stones(seed of the fruit) are pressed on the stretchy roller; the flesh between the teeth on the roller will be then scratched out by a brush. 
Technical Data
Model Capacity Diameter of Fruit Weight  Size Voltage Power
GG-1 300kg/h 10-40mm 300kg
2500*1100*1100(mm)   380v 1.5kw

 Q:What if customers know little about import processing?
 A: Our factory has rich experience in export.We will assist customers with needs step by step, from placing orders to receiving poutry feed manufacturing equipment.
Q: What's the material of the machine?
It is made of stainless steel
Q: Do you supply samples ? 
A: We are factory, and making machines costs, Large order , Large discount , we can not offer sample machines . 
Q:How can we visit your factory ? 
A: For small capacity machines, we have machine instore usually , you are highly welcomed to visit us . Do not heisited to call us ! 
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