Continuous Garlic Frying Machine

  • Support Customization: Yes
  • Brand: Gelgoog
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • Country Of Origin:China
  • Payment: T/T, L/C, Trade Assurance, Western Union
Our garlic chips frying machine can realize the function of fully automatic and continuous work. The whole garlic chips frying machine consists of a mesh belt conveying system, a mesh belt lifting system, an oil temperature control system, and a hot oil circulation system.
continuous garlic chips production line
Regarding the heating method: Our continuous fryer machine can have a variety of heating methods for customers to choose: electric heating, gas heating, coal heating and other methods.
Frying time and speed: The garlic chips are conveyed by a mesh belt. The mesh belt can adjust the speed at will according to customer needs, so as to control the frying time. Advanced mechanical transmission and frequency conversion speed regulation system make this equipment suitable for frying all kinds of food.
The fried garlic chips have uniform color: the upper and lower double-layer mesh belts are designed to maintain the uniform fried color of the product when the product floats during the frying process, and will not produce uneven fried garlic slices.
Autonomous control of garlic frying temperature: automatic temperature control: the entire oil temperature is automatically controlled, the temperature can be set at will from 0-230 degrees, suitable for frying foods with different technological requirements.
Application range of garlic flake frying: high efficiency, high output, high quality of fried products, it is ideal equipment for medium and large fried food processing enterprises.
Technical Data
Model Heating type Power Size(MM) Weight
Oil discharge
GGZLD3500 Electricity delivery:1.5KW
Elevator: 0.75KW
3700*1400*2300 800 200 800L
GGZLD4000 Electricity Delivery:1.5KW
4200*1400*2300 1000 300 950L
GGZLD5000 Electricity delivery:1.5KW
Elevator: 1.5KW
5200*1400*2300 1200 500 1230L
GGZLD6000 Electricity delivery:1.5KW
Elevator: 1.5KW
6200*1400*2300 1400 800 1520L
GGZLD7000 Electricity delivery:2.2KW
Elevator: 1.5KW
7200*1400*2300 1600 900 1810L

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