Full Automatic Peanut Butter Production Machine Line

  • Support Customization: Yes
  • Brand: Gelgoog
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • Country Of Origin:China
  • Payment: T/T, L/C, Trade Assurance, Western Union
The full automatic  peanut butter production line is designed for peanut  butter.  The peanut butter production line mainly includes the peanut roasting machine,peanut peeling machine,peanut griding machine,peanut butter filling machine.

The TechnicalData is 100 kg per hour. Fineness of finished products is 120-150 mesh. We have different capacity for your different choice such as 200KG/H,300KG/H,500KG/H.

peanut butter production line

1.Feeding Machine  2.Hoister (Elevator )              
3.Continuous Roaster Machine
5.Continuous Cooling Machine         6.Peeling Machine                  7. Selection Belt  
9. Storing and Feeding Machine       10.Grinding Machine               11.Storage tank        
 12.Paste pump                            13.Mixing tank                          14. Vacuum tank 
15.Butter Filling Machine
Technical Data
No. Name Power
1 Feeding Machine 0.55 700*700*800
2 Hoister 0.75 1000*500*2800
3 Continuous Roaster Machine 24 3000*1200*2600
4 Elevator 0.75 1000*500*2800
5 Continuous Cooling Machine 5 3200*800*2400
6 Peeling Machine 0.74 1100*350*1100
7 Selection Belt 0.75 5000*800*1000
8 Elevator 0.75 1000*500*2800
9 Storing and Feeding Machine 0.55 700*700*2200
10 Grinding Machine 5.5 900*350*900
11 Storage tank   150L
12 Paste pump 2.2 1200*300*350
13 Mixing tank 2.2 200L
14 Vacuum tank 2.2 200L
15 Paste pump 2.2 1200*300*350
16 Control cabinet    
17 Pipeline  

The peanut butter production line power is standard power consumption
All machines voltage is 380V 50Hz three phase

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