Potato Chips Processing Line

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Potato Chips Making Machine Introduction:

Potato chips also can made potato french fries, is one kind of snacks processed from fresh potato after washing, peeling, slicing ,frying and flavoring .It remains the special delicious flavor of roasted potato on one respect and has the characters of rich nutrition, delicious. It is very popular among the customers all over the world.This potato chips making machine is the best choice for making potato chips with low investment and power consumption. The potato french fries making machine is made up of potato washing peeling machine, potato cutting machine, blanching machine, dehydrating machine, frying machine, deoiling machine, flavor mixing machine and nitrogen filling packing machine.
potato french fries making machine for sale

Process of Making French Fries:

1.Peeler: cleaning and peeling process at one time,  high efficient and low consumption.
2. Cutter: cut into strip,flake and julienne shape, adjustable cutting size
3. Blancher: do rinsing and color protection of the cut potato chips.
4. Dehydrator: centrifugal dehydration, reduce the time when drying, and improve the taste of the potato chip.
5. Fryer: keeps the potato chips quality and taste.
6. Deoiler: use the centrifugal, overcome the shortcoming of botheration.
7. Flavor Machine: make the potato chips turning even, use the spray type to add the seasoning, not easy to break.
8. Vacuum package machine:when packing, put into nitrogen, can avoid break of the potato chips. And it can aeration, package, and type the date at one time.

Potato Fries Making Machine Advantage:

1.make potato into fried potato chips
2.with capacity of 70kg/h 
3.semi automatic type 
4.energy saving,labor saving,low noise,easy operate,easy clean 
5.Used for potato chips,sweet potato chips,french fries,cassave chips,etc. 
6.All the machine in the potato chips making machine is made of stainless steel . It is good to health and easy to maintain. 
7.Potato chips making machine is very easy to operate. One worker could control two machines.  Saving labor cost. 
8.Motor of the whole line is fully enclosed,so it has no danger to human being
Technical Data
Name Parameters
Potato Washer and Peeler Machine Power: 0.75kw  Voltage: 380V-3/220V-3   
Weight: 90KG
Size: 650*550*800mm
Capacity: 200KG/H
Potato Cutter
Power: 1.1kw  
Weight: 110KG
Size: 950*900*1000mm
Capacity: 600KG/H
Blanching Machine Power: 9kw
Volts: 380v-3/220v-3    Weight: 80KG
Size: 700*700*900mm
Capacity: 60KG/H
Dewater Machine
Power: 1.5kw
Volts: 380v-3/220v-3    Weight: 300KG
Size: 900*500*800mm
Capacity: 200KG/H
Pottato Frying Machine Power: 12kw
Volts: 380v-3/220v-3    Weight: 80KG
Size: 700*700*900mm
Capacity: 20KG/H
De-oiling Machine Power: 1.1kw
Volts: 380v-3/220v-3    Weight: 300KG
Size: 900*500*800mm
Capacity: 200KG/H
Potato Flavoring Machine Power: 1.1kw
Volts: 380V-3/220V-3
Weight: 150KG
Size: 1100*800*1300
Capacity: 200KG/H
Vacuum Packing Machine Power: 1.1kw
Volts: 380V-3/220V-3
Weight: 80kg
Size: 500*500*800mm
Capacity: 20KG/H

Q: Do you supply samples ? 
A: We are factory, and making machines costs, Large order , Large discount , we can not offer sample machines . 
Q:How can we visit your factory ? 
A:For small capacity machines, we have machine instore usually , you are highly welcomed to visit us . Do not heisited to call us ! 
Q:Is it automatic model or manual ? 
A:This is automatic line. About 2 woker.
Q: What’s the material of the machine  ? 
A:The machine is made of SUS 304, which is high standard material . 
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