Sterilizing Machine For Jar |Glass Bottle Sterilization Machine

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  • Brand: Gelgoog
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  • Country Of Origin:China
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Glass Bottle sterilization Machine Mainly used to sterilization the bottle, Jar, Can, and canned food.
1, ressure vessels in accordance with the national standards GB150-1998 "steel pressure vessel manufacturing standards of design and manufacturing.
2,ISO9001-2000 quality assurance system, HACCP design and manufacturing requirements.
3,Referring to Japan's Osaka performance design company (HISAKA), the German company Storck (STOCKTEC), FMC Corporation USA, France Baal Hom companies retort manufacturer's product features, mainly in the distribution of heat within the reactor design and manufacturing indicators .
4,Operational process:
Machine is very easy to operate, all is control by control cabinet. All we do is put the bottle in the Sterilization plate , then open the Spray sterilization switch, after half hour, open the cooling valve, cooling the bottle, then all is ok.

glass bottle sterilization machine|can food sterilization machine
Technical Data
Parts specification Quantity
Spray type sterilization pot (specialized for glass bottle) PLH.0712.B.2 1 set
Sterilization plate (stainless steel) 1200×450×200 2 pcs
Pallet car (stainless steel) matching with sterilization plate 1 set
Trolley (stainless steel) Matching with  pallet car 1 set
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