Stainless Steel Onion Root Cutting Machine Manufacturer Commercial

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  • Brand: Gelgoog
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • Country Of Origin:China
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Features of automatic onion root cutting machine :
The onion root cutting machine is made of stainless steel, and the machine is used for commerical, industrial, even restaurant use. For the onion process machines,we also have onion peeling machine,onion slicer machine,onion chopper, onion rings frying machine and packing machine ect. 
1, by the machine ,we dont grad onion to make they are same size. The onion cutting machine can process they are both, no matter onion no grade, size, wet, place of origin, can be the perfect cutting roots.onion root cutting machine
2, root cutting automation, one-time automatically and resection of clean, no damage for the onion .
3, the onion cutter machine has the function of automatic recognition adjustment according to the volume of onion, no matter big or small onion onion,Cut out the finished product is uniform appearance.
4 no wearing parts design, equipment, service life is longer, lower cost, higher efficiency.
5, 304 stainless steel body and the shell, more in line with international health standard.
6, high yield, the machine can produce onion 1.5-2 tons per hour
7, energy saving design: this type motor power: 1.86 KW, voltage: 380 v
8.This machine can cut the root into flat, also can cut the root into caved. As to the flat type machine, The machine automatic feeding, automatic cutting roots, according to the different size onion cutter automatically adjust the depth of the cut onion finished smooth, remove the small amount of onion, the high rate of finished product. As to the Caved cutting model,  The machine automatic feeding, automatic cutting roots, according to customer requirements fone-off ends of onions, concave cut, the device can be different according to the size of onion cutter automatically adjust the depth of the cut onion products sufficient to meet the customer's different needs.

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Introduction of onion cutting machine:
Onion root cutting machine also be used with other onion process machine such as onion washing machine, onion peeling machine,onion slice cutting machine,onion cutting machine,onion rings frying machine,onion paste machine and others.  Of course, the onion root cutting machine also can be used alone. The onion cutting machine through a stainless steel mesh belt conveyor to the cutting device . The head ends of root cutting and then transported by conveyor belt to the next step, cut the root size can be adjusted, at the same time has a frequency control function, can be adjusted according to the volume of production , chopped onion crossing neatly finished without damage, instead of a lot of labor and improve efficiency.

For machines,we always provide customer with best price and with high quality to improvide your onion business. If you need onion root cutting machine price,just freely contact us. Our professional salesman will sent you onion root cutter machine quotation and solution accoridng your detail demands. Hope your business get better and better with our onion process machine.
image of onion root cutting machine
Technical Data
Machine name  Automatic onion root cutter
Model GG-YQ-2
Capacity 1500-2000kg
Voltage 380V,50HZ
Power 1.86Kw
Dimension 1.7m*0.805m*1.22m
Weight 156kg

Q. when the product will be deliver ,plz?
A.Generally ,we will delivery commodity within 7 days,except  custom-made.
 Q:What if customers know little about import processing?
 A: Our factory has rich experience in export.We will assist customers with needs step by step, from placing orders to receiving poutry feed manufacturing equipment.
Q: What's the material of the machine?
It is made of stainless steel
Q: Do you supply samples ? 
A: We are factory, and making machines costs, Large order , Large discount , we can not offer sample machines . 
Q:How can we visit your factory ? 
A: For small capacity machines, we have machine instore usually , you are highly welcomed to visit us . Do not heisited to call us ! 
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