Food Containers Washing Machine Plastic Box Washing Machine

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  • Brand: Gelgoog
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • Country Of Origin:China
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Our Food Containers Washing Machine also called Plastic Box Washing Machine, can clean 400 pieces per hour, the efficiency is increased, only 2 people can be operated, the cleaning cost is reduced, and the cleaning working environment is improved.
Compared with traditional manual cleaning, only 70 can be cleaned in one hour, the work efficiency is very slow, and a lot of labor is required, and the overall environment is dirty and messy.
automnatic plastic box washing machine
Our plastick washing machine is highly efficient. One machine is equivalent to ten people working and can process 400 frames per hour. The machine is made of fully automatic 304 stainless steel, and the water pump is a special hot water pump of 304 stainless steel. easy to use. 304 stainless steel. full functioning. Has many uses. All-round high-pressure four-sided fan-shaped spray for deep cleaning.
Features of automatic box washing machine
1: High cleaning efficiency: one machine is equivalent to ten people working and can process 400 frames per hour.
2.Stainless steel chain: the machine adopts double-track stainless steel chain
3: Spraying device: uniform spraying, convenient adjustment, stainless steel can respond to various cleaning agents, strong corrosion resistance,
4. The parts in contact with water are all made of high-quality steel, which can solve the rust of the material in the first hall, which can prolong the service life and high temperature sterilization.
The scope of application of our automatic box washing machine:
Aquatic industry
Beverage industry
Material industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Fast food industry
Poultry industry
Technical Data
project model
Standard processing capacity 300-500pcs/h
transfer speed 2--10m/min
Number of water tanks 3 pcs
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