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Our fruit and vegetable drying machine has a better energy saving effect. The drying quality of the dried material is kept better, especially for the dry sensitive and volatile products, which improves the quality of the materials. Save a lot of labor costs, time-saving, labor. Our fruit and vegetable drying equipment to meet the fruit and vegetable processing enterprises of a series of energy-saving equipment and efficient requirements to help companies save most of the production costs, has been widely praised.

commercial fruit vegetable drying machine with low price china

Introduction of fruit vegetable drying machine:
1:The fruit vegetable dehydrator machine is widely used in sea cucumber, fish products, Chinese herbal medicine, dehydrated vegetables, and dry fruit. It can also be prosecuted as plastic resin, electrical original, such as lacquer.
2. air is circling in the oven. The heat difference is high and the energy is saved.
3. the use of forced ventilation, which can adjust the wind plate. Dry, heat source material is uniform, can be widely used in steam, electricity, infrared, choline and so on.
4.Low noise, balance operation, automatic temperature, easy installation and maintenance.

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Technical Data

Model Capacity Fan Power: Electric Heating Power Air Amount Trays Number Dimension Weight
GG-C-4 500kg/time 1.8kw
60kw 13800m3/h
192pcs with size of 460*640*45mm
4460*2260*2100mm 2800kg
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