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Full Automatic Sunflower Seeds Production Line

Time:2017-01-19 By:wendy
The full automatic sunflower seeds roasting line started from salting machine and ends with packing machine. The sunflower roasting line consist sunflower cleaning machine,seasoning machine,feeder machine,automatic sunflower seeds roasting machine,cooling machine.If you need we also can provide you the packing machine.

We not only provide machine and service but also the sunflower seeds production line solution.You just need tell us our machine requirements,our professional salesman will sent you suitable solution and quotation for you.

The speed of our sunflower seeds roasting machine is constant, the cooling belt of the general use of electromagnetic motor drive motor speed, Speed can be adjusted by the electromagnetic governor.Baking machines and cooling machines are governed by the electromagnetic speed to adjust the speed. A few of the temperature controller, electromagnetic governor with a pointer to show the output speed of the motor.

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