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Dried Fruit Cutting Machine

Time:2019-06-05 By:wendy
The dried fruit cutting machine can process many kinds of dried furit such as apple,pear,apricots,kiwi and so on. the dried fruit cutting machine have a pace of fast-paced life, small cut fruit machine many consumers also pursue such a taste. The machine put an end to the leakage of lubricants caused by product contamination, cut fruit machine cut wire or piece size regularity.
The work will be put into the hopper material, preserved dice machine by rotating the dial material on the guide trough guide material along the shell wall rotation, installed in the wall of the knife cut into pieces of preserved fruit, the use of rapid material design, Easy to use. Our production of high efficiency, the use of labor-saving, safe and convenient. Comfortable and effortless operation, stainless steel blades, preserved fruit dicing machine long life.

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