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Hot Sell The Onion Peeling Machine

Time:2017-01-26 By:tina
The onion peeling machine need to configure the air compressor, the use of air compressor to produce strong airflow, forming spiral gas, the onion, yuan green took off his outer membrane, onion skin smooth, damage rate is low, suitable for all kinds of food processing industry.
The onion peeling machine has the advantages of novel and beautiful shape, simple structure, safe and reliable running, no noise and high efficiency. Compared with the manual peeling method, the processed onion does not have water rinse, and the onion is smooth and clean.
The machine is suitable for the peeling of round vegetable and onion. It is suitable for the production and processing of starch factory, dehydrated vegetable factory, large-scale canteens and hotels. It has the advantages of low broken rate, hygienic pollution, simple operation and low failure rate. High efficiency, is an ideal special processing equipment. Than the artificial peeling improve work efficiency 12-15 times.

onion peeling machine