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How to Pasteurize Raw Milk ?

Time:2017-05-24 By:wendy
How to pasteurize raw milk ?For the commercial usage, raw milk pasteurize machine is our best choice.There are introduction of the milk psteurize.

how to pasteurize raw milkThe principle of sterilization is in a certain temperature range, the lower the temperature, the slower the bacteria multiply; the higher the temperature, the faster the breeding. But the temperature is too high, the bacteria will die. Different bacteria have different optimum growth temperature and heat resistance, cold tolerance. Pasteurization is actually the use of pathogens is not very heat-resistant features, with the appropriate temperature and holding time to deal with all the kill. But after pasteurization, still retain a small part of harmless or beneficial, more heat-resistant bacteria or bacterial spores.

Pasteurization line is milk sterilization is treated with fresh milk at 62-65 ° C for 30 minutes or at close to 100 ° C for 15 seconds. This method can eliminate the pathogenic microorganisms and some enzymes, because the disinfection temperature is low, the bus sterilization line, less damage to the nutrients in the milk, so to maximize the preservation of milk nutrition and some beneficial bacteria, such as lactic acid Bacilli. However, pasteurized milk needs "cold chain technology". Storage, transportation, sales, drinking should be controlled in the cold storage conditions, bad preservation, generally mainly in plastic bags, glass bottles or freezer to save.
Why choose milk pasteuriztion machine ?
1, pasteurized line for a variety of flexible packaging products
2, the track with imported network engineering plastics, high temperature, no damage to the packaging material;
3, the temperature adjustment using imported automatic temperature control system;
4, design sterilization cooling intermediate transition section, to ensure that the product taste;
5, all bearings imported anti-corrosion system to ensure the service life of equipment;
6, continuous production, stepless speed, sterilization time adjustable;
7, pasteurization line using the elevator transport, reduce labor intensity, cost savings;
8, pasteurization line with the helicopter and sterilization synchronous oil mechanism to achieve automatic transmission.
9, sterilization temperature: 80-100 ℃ within the arbitrary set; effluent temperature 20-40 ℃.