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Meat Bone Cutting Machine Shipped to US

Time:2017-06-09 By:wendy
Our meat bone cutting machine shipped to US.Meat bone cutting machine consist the rack, motor, circular saw, flat platform, electronic control working board composition. The meat bone cutter machine suitable for all kinds of small animal bones, frozen meat, fish bones, frozen fish, ice processing. For small pieces of frozen meat, ribs cutting. Widely used in large-scale centralized food processing plants, slaughterhouses, meat processing plants and other places to use.
Stainless steel sealing plate, in line with food hygiene and easy to clean; stainless steel door, the surface special treatment, easy to clean and maintenance; saw belt pressure tension device, easy to install and adjust the saw; saw belt stabilizer , The sawing when the saw belt stability will not walk. Thickness adjustment board to strengthen the design, easy to adjust the processing thickness, moving will not shake. With safety bar design, improve work safety. Machine waterproof, easy to clean, safe High speed, power consumption, easy maintenance, easy maintenance, easy to operate, easy to operate, high efficiency.

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