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Onion Peeling Machine Shippled to Pakistan

Time:2017-10-13 By:wendy
This is onion peeling machine shipped to Pakistan.At first,our customer visit us commpany and factory,satisfied with our machine onion peeler machine, then paied the deposit.

Onions are easy to bruise and quickly lead to corruption, and peeling agents add to the problem.The onion peeling machine strips the skins of the onion without the need to make the incision and cut both ends of the onion skin.Onions are not handled by hand, and gentle processing dramatically reduces corruption."Running eyes" have no smell or problem.This kind of onion peeling machine has low processing cost and high machining efficiency.Our onion peeling machine can be used to peel all kinds of Onions, no onion, no onion, for dry and fresh Onions.
In addition, we offer the factory price, competitiveness and reliability of your onion peeling machine.

onion peeling machine sold to pakistan