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Air Drying Machine For Soft Package

Time:2018-03-05 By:wendy
Pickles production process is complicated.There is inevitably some breakage of packing after sterilization, then pollute the entire product.What is why we need a clean wind route to deal with soft package for cleaning the air route. The introduction of foreign advanced technology and design, to play their own unique advantages in packaging to ensure the cleaning process, no scale pollution the packaging surface, after cleaning and air drying products, can direct packing sales.The air drying machine is a necessary equipment for large-scale processing enterprises.

The soft package air dryer machine is used with the sterilization line, and it is placed in the rear of the sterilization line. It is especially suitable for the drying of bagged products, such as high and low temperature meat products, vegetable products and so on after sterilization.
1. Usage of the air drying machine:
The soft packing air dryer is suitable for hot water sterilization or steam sterilization products. After sterilization, the remaining water droplets on the packaging can be removed and dried and packaged. It can be widely used in food, beverage, condiment, dairy industry, medicine and other industries.
The principle of work:
The soft packing air dryer is developed according to the production situation of the domestic food industry and the pharmaceutical industry after packing the products with sterilized residual water drops, which cannot be immediately packed. Compared with the traditional drying and dehydration way (hot air drying, manual wiping and water removing), the device is easy to operate and easy to use (only need to be connected to the power supply). The water removal rate is high (up to 99%), and energy saving is over 50%. There is no fouling on the surface of the package. It can be loaded directly after water removal, and the technical experts and users of the agricultural and sideline products processing center of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences are highly appraised.
Soft package drying machine can realize continuous operation (with the use of continuous sterilization machine, supporting) just after sterilization of the product into the conveyor belt, air pressure and low temperature produced by the machine by the nozzle on jet out, so as to achieve the packaging in addition to water, removing grease, scale effect, can be packing storage. The production process is improved.
The soft packaging air dryer is controlled by variable frequency speed control, which runs smoothly, is small in volume and high in efficiency.

soft package air drying machine