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Sultan Customers Visited Our Vegetable Washing Machine

Time:2018-08-08 By:sherry
Last week, three Sultan customers arrived at our company's trading department, they are going to visit our vegetables washing machine. Accompanied by the foreign trade salesman, the Sultan customer has made a comprehensive review of the company's production process, production equipment and delivery capabilities, and greatly appreciated the production process and equipment.
After watching the cleaning machine, Sultan customers visited our whole factory, the company's expressed full confidence and certainty of our products .
vegetables washing machine

Then the two sides in the company conference room face-to-face exchanges, our sales for washing machine products to do a detailed explanation, let Sultan customers more in-depth understanding of our situation, production quality, after-sales service, cooperation policy, after the foreign customer evaluation of the cleaning machine, and that will be constant and pure cooperation.
This washing machine has following features:
1. Use three cleaning combinations, that is, bubbles, circulation, high pressure spray, to ensure that vegetables or fruits are thoroughly cleaned.
2. Suitable for washing vegetable leaves, roots, seafood, fruits and other central kitchen or vegetable processing industry.
3. Wash the vegetables again by the high pressure hoist, improve the discharge of the conveying device.
4. The flow control valve next to the machine to keep the speed of the vegetables to control, making it easy to operate.
4. Conveyor belt is made of imported PP mesh, which meets the standard of food-grade. It is also very easy to clean.