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Commerical Vegetable Washing Machine Manufacturer

Time:2018-04-18 By:wendy
Our fruit and vegetable washing line is used in the food industry. The vegetable cleaning line has no damage to materials, fruits and vegetables, and is an essential equipment for fruit and vegetable food industry.

The commercial vegetable washing production line adopts advanced technology and automatic integrated control. It has the advantages of thorough cleaning, continuous operation, large amount of processing, water saving, energy saving and labor cost saving. It is suitable for central kitchen, catering, vegetables and other agricultural products processing plants, large enterprises, units, offices, canteens, canteen, etc.

The fruit washing line will organize complex processes, such as cutting the vegetables through the conveyer belt through the spray head and down the clouds, to keep the vegetable surface from being damaged. What's more, vegetables can be crisp and fresher.
Choose trim process - top and bottom high pressure spray cleaning. The machine is made of 304 stainless steel wire mesh conveyor. Under the high pressure water spray top and the conveyor belt, it can clean and clean the whole vegetables and vegetables, and the fruit surface is completely free from damage. It is suitable for vegetable processing. Fruit processing, agricultural and sideline products Chinese medicinal materials processing, processing and so on.

For the fruit vegetable process machinery,we also have cutting machne,juice machine,packing machine,juice filling machine and others. If you need quotation,email wendy@machinehall.com.
commerical vegetable washing machine manufactruer