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Fruit Vegetable Washing Machine For Young Coconut

Time:2017-07-19 By:wendy
Fruit Vegetable Washing Machine For Young Coconut,the machine is mainly used for pickle pickles material cleaning, to miscellaneous, for food processing enterprises. The machine has the advantages of good cleaning effect, simple operation, low noise and so on.

coconut washing machine with best priceSecond, the performance characteristics: 1, front-end surfing, the middle of the bubble, plus two blender feeder forward, the back of the water is high pressure spray, the bottom of the box into a slope, easy to row sand, the whole water to take recycled water To ensure thorough cleaning and to conserve water consumption. 2, the water tank of the two feeder, each feeder can be reversed, the feeder plate with 2mm punch plate; feed the right side of a forced sewage tank, the sewage tank has two filters, can be extracted replace. 3, the machine with ultrasonic sounder, the use of high-frequency vibration of ultrasound, so that the water droplets have a slight blasting, so that the surface attached to the debris from the surface of the object from the surface to
achieve a more thorough cleaning purposes. 4, in addition to fans, pumps, motors and other purchased parts, the rest of the box, mesh belt, chain, bracket, etc. all made of 304 stainless steel.