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Why Choose Gelgoog Frying Machine ?

Time:2017-08-01 By:wendy
For the fryer machine,we have electric heating, coal heating, gas heating and other heating methods. Is a smoke-free, multi-functional, oil and water Mixed frying equipment, the equipment used in the international selection of the most mixed oil and water frying process, completely changed the traditional oil.The structure of the frying device fundamentally resolves the drawbacks of the traditional frying pan, which can also fry a variety of food at the same time. The process used in the frying device is the way of heating from the middle of the reservoir, controlling the temperature of the upper and lower reservoirs, effectively alleviating the oxidation degree of the frying oil and inhibiting the increase of the acid medium. In the process of frying automatic filter check, automatic temperature control, thus extending the life of frying oil. The same time as
 choose snack food fryer machine for fried food business
1, with the principle, the oil does not degenerate
The use of oil, water, animal oil, the proportion of different principles in the work process
All the sink into the water, animal oil sank into the lower oil layer, a fundamental solution to the traditional frying machine residues, moving
Oil and oil, repeated frying oil to acidification of carbonization and deterioration of carcinogenic problems.
2, improve quality, ensure health
Special process to leave the residue and animal fat from the working layer, combined with the central heating to effectively control the upper and lower reservoir convection, so as to ensure that all kinds of pure oil, the fried food is not only taste and taste, the appearance of clean and beautiful (no black spots phenomenon), improve product quality , Extended shelf life.
3, save frying oil, conducive to environmental protection
This product solves the problem that the traditional frying machine is overheated and causes a lot of oil to volatilize. Oil and water mixing technology so that the water below the reservoir continue to produce a small amount of steam, and penetrate into the oil layer to add oil to the frying oil, which inhibit the oil is not a lot of volatile; central heating process can be adjusted according to the needs of the electronic control device up and down the temperature, The degree of oxidation of the frying oil, the inhibition of acid production, thereby extending the use of frying oil cycle, reduce waste, save more than 50% more than traditional fryers, while reducing air pollution, so that operators avoid the smoke The pain.
4, the oil does not taste, a machine with more
The process through the limit control, partition temperature control, the scientific use of vegetable oil and the proportion of animal oil, so that fried food leaching of animal oil naturally sink into the lower oil layer, so that the upper working oil is always pure, can also fry all kinds of food , Do not taste each other, a machine with more, you can increase your business varieties.
5, the machine is equipped with advanced automatic temperature control device, the oil temperature in the room temperature to 230 degrees between the arbitrary adjustment, according to the fry selected
After the temperature, automatic control of the heating off the situation to ensure constant temperature, not only reduces the energy consumption, and easy to operate, fast, improve the efficiency, welcomed by users.