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Dried Wolfberry Cleaning Machine Manufacturer

Time:2017-05-03 By:wendy
Wolfberrf cleaning machine uses of water bath bubble cleaning, the fruit vegetable in the water through the bubble in the release process produced by the churn effect. So that fruit or vegetable in the water irregularly intense flip movement, through the movement of the fruit and vegetable effectively separated from the surface of the object to be cleaned, simulated manual cleaning basic action.At the same time as the fruit vegetable is produced in the soft drinks mixture of somersault, effectively avoid the cleaning process of the collision, knock, scratches and other materials on the damage phenomenon,change the work for the mechanized processing to improve work efficiency.
dired wolfberryBubble type Wolfberry cleaning machine have a suitable for all kinds of fresh fruit, vegetables, salted vegetables, fungi, seafood. Cleaning machine in the material delivery process, an increase of spray cleaning function, so that the material in the completion of the steam bath after cleaning, and then after the spray cleaning, the role of the process is to replace the surface of the dirty water to remove the material to improve the cleaning effect At the same time, the external cleaning spray water in the material after the second cleaning, the water automatically into the water bath, to replace the replenishment of the water bath cleaning water, to maintain the water bath clean water quality, that is, to improve the cleaning water Of the utilization rate, but also increased the cleaning effect.
Bubble type Wolfberry cleaning machine fruit cleaning machine equipment advantages:
1. Rack made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel, in line with the national food industry standards.
2. The use of bubble roll, scrub, spray technology, the limits of the material for cleaning.
3. Pipeline in the individual machine can be customized according to the different processing characteristics of the user can be installed roller and brush, filter foam and floating objects, the degree to meet the process to.
4. Cleaning speed adjustable, the user can be set according to different cleaning products.
5. The machine is compact, highly automated, suitable for a variety of processing enterprises to use the scale.