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Multifunction Vegetable Cutting Machine for Cabbage|Spinach|Leek|Celery

  • MOQ:1 set
  • Certification:CE
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • Country Of Origin:China
Cabbage/Spinach/Leek/Celery Shredder Machine is suitable for restaurant,supermarket,food processing facotory etc, and it is sanitary and easy to clean. This machine is widely used for cutting or shredding leafy vegetable and stem vegetable,such as cabbage,cucumber,spinach,leek,celery,melon,bamboo shoots,carrot,pepper,lotus root,onion,green onion etc.This cutting machine can also used for cutting fresh fish meet and cooked meat.
All of these kinds of vegetables can be cut into slices (thickness can be made according to customers’ requirement customization), segments and strips (The length is adjustable). With the use of frequency converter, the speed of the conveyer belt can be controlled independently. One machine serves several purposes.With the help of tailor-made dilated conveyer belt,this machine tends to be more productive. Besides, the cutter head is easy to change and operate. What’s more, it is very convenient to wash and clean. 
1.Suitable for cutting leaf vegetable,for example,green onion,onion, cabbage,leak and so on.
2.The large-type vegetable cutting machine is very suitable for food processing factory,catering industry,canteen and food distribution center.
3.By installing different blade,cutting size can be adjusted flexibly from 0mm to 60mm and cut the vegetable into different shapes.Such as  flake,strip or slice.
4.It can install converter as required to meet these customers and there are three models for choose.
5.All of knife and components can be purchased and replaced.So the customers can buy different kind of knife and components as spare parts.
6.About the voltage: our voltage is 220V/50HZ,single phrase or 380V/50HZ,three phrase.We can also change the suitable voltage for our customers if they have other requirements.
7.This machine is multifunctional,healthful,corrosion resistance.It is easy to operate and clean,fast speed,efficiency!

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Technical Data
Model Dimension
Voltage Power Capacity Net Weight Cutting Size Width of belt
GG-305 750*500*1000 220V single phase 1HP,1/2HP 500-800kg/h 100kg   120mm

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