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Industrial Onion Cutting Machine Supplier

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We have different onion choppers. We meet the different needs of customers cutting onion rings and chopping. Onion cutting machine is used in food factories, restaurants, etc.
Our onion cutting machine is shipped to different countries, the United States, Australia, Poland, Indonesia, Dubai, Bangladesh, India, etc.
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Commercial Onion ring slicer machine:
①Rotary cutter cutting; the thickness of the slice is uniform, the structure of the cut surface is fresh, and the fiber tissue of the fruit and vegetable is not damaged; the thickness of the product slice can be adjusted.
②High efficiency and low energy consumption;
③The whole commercial onion cutter is made of high-quality stainless steel and aluminum alloy, which is safe, hygienic, beautiful and durable;

Precautions for use and maintenance:
① All the maintenance work of the onion ring cutter machine must be carried out with the power off; in addition, the neatness and good lighting of the vegetable cutting machine room have become an important prerequisite for the safe operation of the industrial onion cutter.
②Clean in time after each use. Ensure cleanliness and ensure that there are no residues of onion materials left;
④ Try to cut before normal work, observe whether the specifications and requirements of the cut vegetables are consistent, otherwise adjust or replace the height of the blade and turntable until the adjustment is correct before starting batch normal work;
⑤After using the onion cutter machine for a period of time, check whether the screws in each part are loose. If any looseness is found, tighten the screws.
⑥ When there is abnormal operation and noise, stop and check immediately. After troubleshooting, turn it on again.
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Onion slice cutting machine:
The round onion cutter can slice onions and dice them. Suitable for restaurants and onion processing plants
This vegetable cutter is also suitable for: potatoes, apple, banana, bamboo shoots, onions, etc.

Automatic Onion Cutting Machine Features:
1. A new generation of multi-function vegetable cutting machine, both internal and external repair, safe, efficient and practical.
2. The conveyor belt is made of food grade PU material with the highest European and American standards.
3. Combined electrical switch, exquisite workmanship, comfortable damping feel.
4. The double-blade rotating blade is a special double-blade chopper, made of stainless steel, which is extremely sharp.
5. The skeleton of the whole onion cutter machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel.
6. The new wire blade can be replaced, and the cost of use is greatly reduced.
7. Waterproof onion ring cutter is installed in the machine, and the circuit is controlled separately

Onion cutting machine video show:
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