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Shallot Cutting Machine High Speed

  • MOQ:1
  • Certification:CE
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • Country Of Origin:China
This machine is suitable for restaurant, supermarket, food processing factory, etc, and it is sanitary and easy to clean.It is suitable to cut thin and long vegetable.This vegetable cutter machine is very flexible because of it;s design with simulating hand-chopping principle.The shape is regular, the cutting-off vegetables is in good condition and fresh.Reasonable design,high performance,easy operation,easy clean.Keep the vegetables smooth,unharmful,unpolluted and good appearance.High efficient to imatate man-made vegetable cutting action.With the best quality and the most comprehensive fruit and vegetable equipment are available in there .What we show on Website is only small part of all the products we can offer.we can design different solution according to the need of customer .meanwhile, as for different countries and regions of the world we also set different situation to produce the more suitable products.
Small cutting Shallot machine combines with the user requirements and the development and production, can satisfy the material processed into different shapes.Electric cutting Shallot machine used for cutting, piece, piece, piece, cut onion unit is suitable for the green Chinese onion, cabbage, parsley, spinach, green vegetables, leafy vegetables.Small green cutting machine price is materially beneficial.Cutting Shallot machine adopts rotating cutter cutting, processing all kinds of vegetables.Fresh products its thickness and size uniform, cut organization, without destroying the fibrous tissue, at the same time cutting high efficiency, easy to operate.Low energy consumption, health, safety, high efficiency, it is an ideal equipment of vegetable processing.Advanced design, main part is made of stainless steel, cutting Shallot machine is the most innovative, the most compact structure, the most advanced technology, simple operation, production efficient, reliable, complete functions.

Technical Data
Model Leek Flakes range Capacity Dimension Weight
GG-XQC-1 3/5/7/9mm 80Kg/h 400*300*550mm 25Kg

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